The history of our company began in 2009, as the classic story of an entrepreneur who started his business from scratch (or rather, from 50 borrowed hryvnias) and turned it into a successful production enterprise. Our founder, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Maistrenko, who at 35 already earned a respectful “Nikolaevich” decided to open his own business and started rolling bagels with apple and cabbage according to the family recipe, selling them in stalls under the house.


Confectionery in Kiev is a wide variety of local producers, as well as a lot of imported products from regions and other countries. The best confectionery in Kiev is engaged in the production and sale of bagels, puffs, pastries, casseroles. But rightfully the best confectionery, which prepares the best cottage cheese products and products with fruit fillings, is considered to be the confectionery LLC Savika. The Desertikoff trademark is the best cottage cheese casseroles, juices, bagels with various fillings, pies.

Only natural ingredients and original recipes

our team

Our team consists of people who have linked their lives with baking. We all make our products almost by hand, and each employee makes their positions from kneading dough and filling to finished packaged products. Each of us knows what exactly its products will be eaten by our customers and most importantly their children. We strive to be honest with our customers and to be better than our competitors.