The history of our company began in 2009, as the classic story of an entrepreneur who started his business from scratch (or rather, from 50 borrowed hryvnias) and turned it into a completely successful production enterprise. Our founder, Aleksandr Nikolayevich Maistrenko, who at the age of 35 deserved the respectful Nikolayevich, decided to open his own business and started rolling bagels with apple and cabbage according to his family recipe, he sold it himself in stalls under the house. For two long years he worked at night, and during the day he sold his products. Over time, he began to increase the assortment. After that he took an assistant and trained him. In 2010, he already rented a room for the workshop and actively purchased supported equipment. In the same year, he and his partner had the idea to combine a network of coffee stalls and pastries, and the Desertikoff brand appeared. The idea of ​​unification did not work, but the name remained. Then LLC “Savika” appeared, which supplies products to various shops, canteens, and pastry shops. Today, many buyers in the markets of Kiev know that the products of this brand are of high quality and everyone notes that “Desertikoff does not spare the toppings” and treat all positions with love, like domestic products. And for the founder - it remains a home confectionery, where he personally controls the quality.